Fundraising is an integral part of the success of BHOC, it is a registered charity and a non-profit organisation.

Since 1997 when the decision was taken to purchase and install a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in Bandon Town, the local population rowed in behind the tremendous effort required to bring the project to fruition.

Several novel events have been organised over the years generating varying amounts of money from single donations of €10 up to €23,000 raised by the Kilimanjaro Climb undertaken by the Bandon Hillbillies. Coffee mornings have proven to be a relatively easy way to raise money. So, if you are so inclined, we would be eternally grateful for any financial assistance or donation that you can give us.

Every Euro collected is very much appreciated by the hard-working and committed Managers, Operators and our Board of Trustees. All of our finances are directed back into the Centre to maintain and enhance our facility. The biggest drain on funds is the running cost of operating and maintaining our own oxygen plant, day to day maintenance on the chambers and the logistical support that a centre of this nature requires.

The cost of treatment has been kept as low as possible, it is very reasonable compared to other similar facilities. This low cost is maintained for the most part due to the selflessness and generosity of our group of local volunteers. Please remember to treat them with the respect that is due to them when you visit us.


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Bandon Town Hall

81 North Main Street

Bandon, Co. Cork

P72 E448


Monday 12.30, 14.00, 18.45

Tuesday 9.00, 10.45, 12.30, 14.00

Wednesday 9.00, 10.45, 12.30, 19.00

Thursday 9.00, 10.45, 12.30, 14.00

Friday 9.00, 10.45, 12.30 14.00

Saturday 9.00


Public Holidays CLOSED

Bandon Hyperbaric Oxygen Centre | Registered Charity No 12765