Fundraising is an integral part of the success of B.H.O.C.

Since 1997 when the decision was taken to purchase and install a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in Bandon Town, the local population rowed in behind the tremendous effort required to bring the project to fruition.

Several novel events have been organised over the years generating varying amounts of money from single donations of €10 up to €23,000 raised by the Kilimanjaro Climb undertaken by the Bandon Hillbillies.

Every Euro collected is very much appreciated by the hard working committee and it is really a case of “minding the cents and the euros will take care of themselves”
The greatest drain on resources is the cost of the Oxygen which is administered to chamber users.

Bandon Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Committee have a policy that no person in need of treatment will be deprived of that treatment because of their financial circumstances. However due to the high running costs associated with treatment, relatives and friends of patients’ are encouraged to become involved in fundraising activities. See the press page and the photo gallery for details of past fundraising events and if you have any photos and details not yet included in the site please forward them for inclusion.

The cost of treatment has been kept as low as possible and starts at €20 per person per dive / session. The cost for sessions / dives undertaken by Sports Persons is €40.