About Us

And so the Story begins ….

In the Liambeginning there was Mr. Liam Deasy, (a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer), and in his search for a better quality in living he found an improvement in his symptoms after using “Oxygen Chambers” in the U.K.

Mr. Deasy gathered around him, a small group of loyal friends and volunteers, and in 1997 a Committee was formed, to set about doing some “fundraising”.

It was from this action, that what we know today as “Bandon Hyperbaric Oxygen Centre” originated, the brainchild of one Mr. Liam Deasy.

Information into the History and Fundraising pertaining to B.H.O.C. is featured in other parts of the site along with photographic memories.


Officer’s & Committee:- 2020 / 21

President :-                     Eddie Lucey                                     Vice President :-         Jimmy Deasy

Chairman :-                     Robert Wilmot                                 Secretary :-                 Paddy O’Sullivan

Treasurer :-                    Neil Crean                                         P.R.O.:-              Brian Mc Sweeney


Manager’s B.H.O.C.:-        Finbarr Mc Carthy    &    Christy  Walsh


COVID Compliance Officer:-         Donal Callanan


Committee Members:-

Norma Deasy,  Marie Downing,  Denis O’Donovan, Veronica O’Donovan,  Gerry O’Hara,  Neilie O’Leary,

Jim O’Mahony,  Rodney Price, Pat Traynor.


Trustees:- Paddy O Sullivan, Jimmy Deasy, Robert Wilmot, Jerry Mc Sweeney.