About Us

The Bandon Hyperbaric Oxygen Centre (BHOC) is a self-funding and independent, registered charity. Registered Charity No 12765.

We administer Oxygen Treatment to people living with neurological and other short & long-term health conditions. We are the only charity orientated Oxygen Centre in Ireland and we are affiliated to UK MS National Therapy Centres Ltd, a UK-wide network of 65 centres that deliver oxygen treatment in a similar manner.

Oxygen Treatment is a very powerful way of oxygenating the body to assist healing. Clients who have benefited include those with MS, Fibromyalgia, ME, Autism, Brain Injury, Parkinson’s, (Sports) Injuries, some cancers, and HBOT is now a newly advised treatment for Long Covid.

Our Oxygen Treatment is administered by a group of local volunteers who are competent and trained operators. We are fully dependent and enormously grateful to these fine altruistic people who give up their time and expertise for the good of people less fortunate than themselves. Consequently, due to comparatively low overheads, we can offer treatment at a very reduced rate to our clients. Clients from all over Ireland and beyond, are treated in our Centre with people often travelling from abroad to avail of our professional and inexpensive service.

Liam Deasy

The Centre was established in 1997 out of concern for a local man, Mr. Liam Deasy, who suffered from MS. Mr. Deasy and his friends formed a fundraising committee and set up the BHOC in Bandon town. It was a most innovative and remarkable achievement and their legacy endures today as thousands of people continue to benefit from their foresight, financial bravery and generosity of spirit.

We, in the BHOC endeavour to honour and respect our founding members and our former volunteer colleagues, by maintaining the highest standards of oxygen treatment, in the best traditions of the Bandon Hyperbaric Oxygen Centre. Cuimhnímis

Session Times

Session Duration

Each session lasts for a period of one hour and fifteen minutes approx.

Treatment Cost

The cost on the first day is €55 which includes; €20 for the session and €35 for a mask and connection hoses. This equipment is then yours to take away with you and bring with you on all subsequent sessions. All further sessions will cost €20 per session. Cash or credit card is acceptable. Cashless payment is preferrable.


We are located in the Bandon Town Hall building. Eircode P72 E448

Parking Options


Christmas 2023: Centre will close 24th to 27th December . Centre reopens Thursday 28th December

Bandon Town Hall

81 North Main Street

Bandon, Co. Cork

P72 E448


Monday 12.30, 14.00

Tuesday 9.00, 10.45, 12.30, 14.00

Wednesday 9.00, 10.45, 12.30, 19.00

Thursday 9.00, 10.45, 12.30, 14.00

Friday 9.00, 10.45, 12.30 14.00

Saturday 9.00


Bandon Hyperbaric Oxygen Centre | Registered Charity No 12765