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Bandon Hyperbaric Oxygen Centre is a registered charity that provides Oxygen Treatment to people living with neurological and other short & long-term health conditions.

Our centre houses two multi-seater Oxygen Chambers, which are capable of treating a wide range of conditions.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a therapeutic treatment that involves the intake of 100% oxygen in a pressurised environment (chamber). The treatment is administered by trained and competent operators.

The Centre is 100% Wheelchair Accessible and young children can also be accommodated.


Bandon Town Hall

81 North Main Street

Bandon, Co. Cork

P72 E448


Monday 12.30, 14.00, 18.45

Tuesday 9.00, 10.45, 12.30, 14.00

Wednesday 9.00, 10.45, 12.30, 19.00

Thursday 9.00, 10.45, 12.30, 14.00

Friday 9.00, 10.45, 12.30 14.00

Saturday 9.00


Public Holidays CLOSED

Oxygen Treatment: The Important Stuff

What is Oxygen Treatment?

A painless, non-invasive treatment where you sit in a chamber wearing a mask breathing 100% oxygen. The chamber is pressurised with air which increases the oxygen flow around the body, greatly increasing the body’s healing effect. See Benefits and Procedure pages for more details.

How do I apply for the treatment?

Contact us to discuss your condition and availability. We will devise a treatment plan that best suits you. Download two application forms. You fill in one, your GP fills in the other. Bring the forms with you on the day of your appointment or email them on. Unfortunately, No forms, No treatment. Apply Here

Where is BHOC located?

Bandon Town Hall, 81 North Main Street Co. Cork, P72 E448.

BHOC is located at the rear entrance to Bandon Town Hall – overlooking Bandon River. (Close to the Courthouse). Parking is available including wheelchair parking. Click here for directions.

Session Times

Session times are listed on every page of this website (see above right). Please arrive 10 mins ahead of your appointment as we have to arrange seating in the chambers. We cannot delay the start time so if you are late, you will lose your slot. Sessions are approx 72 mins.

Treatment Cost

We charge €55 for the first visit. This includes the price of an oxygen mask and tubes (€35 and you take your equipment home with you) and €20 for the actual treatment. Thereafter its €20 per session. We take cash but greatly prefer cashless payment, such as credit card etc.

What to Wear and Bring

Casual clothing and comfortable shoes. Best to wear light layers of clothing that can be put on/taken off easily (zipped up tops as opposed to pull on jumpers). You can bring a book to read and glasses can be worn with the mask. No electronic equipment is allowed in the chamber (phones, key fobs etc).

Bandon Hyperbaric Oxygen Centre | Registered Charity No 12765